Artist Explores Quantum Physics With Abstract Art

MRK: Markos Kay

Markos R. Kay is a fascinating and multi-talented man. He is an artist, creative director, illustrator, and lecturer specializing in science. His work is really beautiful and unique. He combines all his talents and his love for the unseen world that is happening all around us. One of his most notable works was the short film, The Flow, which was featured in an episode of Breaking Bad

In his artist biography, it reads, “His work can be described as an ongoing abstraction and digitisation of the mysterious worlds of molecular biology and particle physics through a series of generative simulation experiments. These experiments explore the complexity and emergence of the invisible, and the computational paradigm of natural sciences.” 

Let’s take a look at his project Quantum Fluctuations: Experiments in Flux, a visual masterpiece that makes the chaos of science look romantic. 


About his project, Kay writes, “Made as a series of virtual experiments, Quantum Fluctuations shows the complexity and transient nature of the most fundamental aspect of reality, the quantum world, which is impossible to observe directly.” 

Could you imagine what it would be like to see things this way?

All the colors and the movement? 

Kay says the project is just as much art as science. 

“In Quantum Fluctuations, particle simulations are used as the brush and paint to create abstract moving paintings that visualise the events that happen during a proton collision. The film shows the intricate structure of the proton beams that collide to create an outflow of particle showers which create composite particles that eventually decay.” 


It is cool that the film was made using some real research. 

“These visualizations were created with input from scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN, Geneva.”

Well, it is way over my head but it is really beautiful. 

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