ShoppingNight 2017: a wonderland of Piet Mondrian colours – The Hague Online


On Friday  30 June,   the 11th edition of ShoppingNight will take place in the city centre of The Hague.  In the city centre it will be possible to shop until midnight,  but that is not all. The streets will coloured red, yellow and blue. From tape art to film, music and dance performances: everything Mondrian-themed, as 2017 marks the 100th year of Mondrian and his style.  Visitors  to the city centre can enjoy culture, fashion, entertainment, delicious food and drinks.

Piet Mondrian was inspired by the dynamics of the city, in his case New York. During ShoppingNight  the city centre  will radiate a New York atmosphere. The  Binnenstad wants  to have its visitors experience culture in an open area. Therefore  the inner city will be used as a large outdoor stage where the buzz of the city will continue until late into the night. Whoever walks through the city this spring can see that Mondrian is well represented by the Haagse  entrepreneurs.  Street art in the form of window stickers  is colouring  the entire city.

The theme of ShoppingNight  2017 is Boogie Woogie Wonderland, a playful name based on Piet Mondrian’s last painting: Victory Boogie Woogie. The map of New York inspired Mondrian to make this painting like a city map. The name of the painting refers to the music that Mondrian enjoyed. These elements will return on  30 June  – the visitors of ShoppingNight will find themselves in a wonderland of Piet Mondrian colours in combination with his favourite music.

In the Hoogstraat there will be a yellow zone, the city centre will be blue and there will be a combination of colours in the Grote Markstraat with red tape street art  brightening up the city. The Passage will be altered into an atmospheric jazz club where black and white pictures will  take you back in time. Primary colours and music contribute to the ultimate urban nightlife feel, a mix of music, dancing and shopping until midnight.

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